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Tom Garg, VMD
Principal and Emergency Veterinarian, Hope Veterinary Services, Malvern, Pennsylvania

Tom Garg, VMD, is a 1998 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine. He is an emergency veterinarian and has been with Hope Veterinary Specialists (formerly the Animal Critical Care and Specialty Group at the Veterinary Referral Center) in Malvern, PA since the practice opened in 2004. Dr. Garg is president of Innovative Veterinary Software Solutions, a company which develops specialized software for referral practices. He is an active member of PVMA and serves as Co-Chair of the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee.

Practicing in Pennsylvania: Regulations and Recordkeeping
This session will provide a basic understanding of how the profession is regulated. Newer regulations will be discussed in detail. Special attention will be paid to topics which frequently cause concern or confusion amongst veterinarians including record keeping and understanding how the Standard of Care is defined. Other newer regulations, including the emergency care requirements overnight monitoring disclosure regulations will be discussed. The information presented in this session is information that every veterinarian practicing in Pennsylvania must know.

David Wolfgang, VMD, MPH, DABVP (Dairy)
Director, Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Nuances of Veterinary Records for PA Large Animal Practitioners
The Pennsylvania Practice Act requires that veterinarians keep records in a problem oriented format that allows any veterinarian, by reading, to proceed with care and treatment of that patient. It has been the PA State Veterinary Board’s experience that many LA practitioners do not completely follow these regulations. Along with PA regulations, new emphasis on records has been placed on LA practitioners by the Veterinary Feed Directive. This presentation will review Pennsylvania regulations and help practitioners better conform to PA Practice Act standards.